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This page is intended to contain all grants related to Wikimedia in Belgium. It does not matter if a grant was submitted under the flag of Wikimedia Belgium or not. Mentioning a grant request on this page is solely for having an overview (for transparency), and does not mean Wikimedia Belgium does support or does not support the request.

Name Requester(s) Project
Type Submit date
(status open)
Approval date
(status funded)
Grant period ended Grant completed Report(s) Notes
Start-up Grant WMBE Dimi z & MADe - PEG 2013-04-04 completed 2013-04-10 2015-03-18 interim, report
Project: Wiki Loves Monuments in Belgium & Luxembourg 2013 MADe page PEG 2013-06-13 completed 2013-07-09 2014-08-18 report
Project: Wiki Loves Monuments in Belgium & Luxembourg 2014 Romaine page PEG 2014-09-17 completed 2014-09-24 2015-02-12 report WMBE was founded after this project was started and funded
WMBE 2015-1 MADe & DerekvG for WMBE - PEG 2015-01-02 completed 2015-02-20 2016-01-12 report remaining funds
Project: Just For The Record Lfurter, MMelvaer, Sarah magnan, Léonie Butler page PEG 2015-03-30 completed 2015-05-21 2016-06-13 report
Project: Wiki Loves Art in Belgium 2016 Romaine & DerekvG as part of WMBE page + seminar PEG 2015-05-26 completed 2015-08-19 2017-06-30 2017-08-02 interim1, interim2, interim3, report change
Project: Outreach and partnership with University of Louvain-la-Neuve Lionel Scheepmans - IEG 2015-09-28 not funded - - - -
WMBE 2015-2 MADe & DerekvG for WMBE - PEG 2015-11-16 withdrawn - - - -
WMBE 2016-1 MADe & DerekvG for WMBE - PEG 2015-12-19 withdrawn - - - -
WMBE 2016-1: Public facing Activities MADe & DerekvG for WMBE - PEG 2015-12-19 completed 2016-01-11 2016-12-31 2016-12-22 report Remaining funds reallocated to WMBE 2017 grant
Project: Just For The Record Lfurter, Léonie Butler, MMelvaer & Sarah magnan page/page IEG 2016-04-12 not funded - - - -
Project: Wiki Loves Monuments in Belgium & Luxembourg 2016 Ste.caneva & Romaine for WMBE page PEG 2016-05-24 completed 2016-06-22 2017-02-28 2017-07-25 interim, report Remaining funds partly reallocated to WLPS2017 grant (€ 1700), rest returning to WMF
WMBE 2017: Public facing activities Romaine & Geertivp for WMBE - Project 2016-10-11 completed 2016-12-16 2018-02-28 2018-12-07 interim, report report 26 March 2018 submitted, approval delay at WMF, remaining funds returned to WMF
Project: Wiki 4 Coop/1 Louvain Coopération - Project 2017-03-15 not funded - - - -
Project: Wiki 4 Coop Louvain Coopération - Rapid 2017-04-18 not funded - - - -
Project: Wiki Loves Public Space 2017 Romaine for WMBE page Rapid 2017-06-12 completed 2017-06-26 2018-02-28 2018-12-07 report report 28 March 2018 submitted, approval delay at WMF, remaining funds returned to WMF
WMBE 2018 Romaine & Geertivp for WMBE annual plan
budget & resource
staffing plan
sAPG 2017-10-27 completed 2018-02-07 2019-01-31 2019-01-30 midpoint report & midpoint spending overview + final report & spending overview 9 July 2017 intention for application submitted, 400 euro extra approved for 2018, costs January 2019 (€ 399,10) from continguency, remaining funds (1100 - 399,10 = 700,90) reallocated as extra continguency to WMBE 2019 grant
Project: Mois de la contribution Belgique 2018 Lionel Scheepmans page Rapid 2018-02-16 not funded - - - -
WMBE 2019 Romaine & Geertivp for WMBE annual plan
budget & resource
sAPG 2018-10-30 completed 2019-01-29 2019-12-31 2020-01-30 report 2019 start grant: 2019-01-012019-02-01
WMBE 2020 Geertivp annual plan
budget & resource
sAPG 2019-11-11 completed 2019-12-04 2020-12-31 2021-01-29 report 2020
WMBE 2021 Geertivp annual plan
budget & resource
sAPG 2020-10-27 completed 2021-01-15 2021-12-31 2022-01-31 report 2021
WMBE 2022 Geertivp annual plan
budget & resource
Community Fund 2021-11-30 completed 2022-01-31 2022-12-31 2023-01-31 report 2022
WMBE 2023 Geertivp Community Fund 2022-09-28 completed 2022-12-13 2023-12-31 2024-01-31 report 2023
WMBE 2024 Geertivp Community Fund active 2023-12-02 2024-12-31 report 2024

Wikimedia Belgium[edit]

Since the start of Wikimedia Belgium, we got funded through project grants, until we had grown to large and had to switch to Simple Annual Plan Grants (sAPG) for 2018. During the periods we had project grants, we could have multiple grants during the year. Since WMBE is in sAPG, Wikimedia Belgium can have only one active grant.

Grants process[edit]

Wikimedia and its projects, as well as many other projects to enrich Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia platforms, are often funded with grants from the Wikimedia Foundation. The process of the steps in a grant request are usually as follows:

  • It starts with a project idea and forming a team, or an annual plan and budget and resource plan.
  • Writing a grant proposal, including a budget, and submitted to the granting party (like the Wikimedia Foundation).
  • Grant proposal is reviewed and if everything is okay approved, and funds are received in one or multiple portions, and the project starts.
  • Depending on the length of the period of the grant, one or multiple interim report(s) can be required, often midterm.
  • After the completion of the project, the receipts for every cost must be send to the granting party and a final grant report has to be submitted including metrics and a description of the costs.
  • Remaining funds have to be reallocated or returned to the granting party.
  • The grant has been completed when all these steps have been taken and the grant party approves and accepts the final report.


  • Please note that certain dates are not the actual date, but the only date to be found in the edit history of requests and reports. If this difference is large a note can be added.
  • Sorted by date of submission or setting infobox status to open
  • Notes for giving a better understanding can be added to the Notes column.


In 2015-2016 the grants system of the Wikimedia Foundation changed. In July 2016 the system for PEG grants changed and became Project grants.

Wikimedia Grants
Type Name Description Valid Info
TPS Travel and participation Support Grants program from the Wikimedia Foundation for travel expenses for Wikimedian volunteers who present about Wikimedia at non-Wikimedia events 2011 - 30 April 2018 m:Grants:TPS
IEG Individual Engagement Grants Grants program from the Wikimedia Foundation for individuals Until 2015 m:Grants:IEG
PEG Project and Event Grants Grants program from the Wikimedia Foundation for projects and events Until 2016 m:Grants:PEG
Project Project Grants program Grants program from the Wikimedia Foundation for projects for USD 2000 or more Active since 2016 m:Grants:Project
Rapid Rapid Grants Grants program from the Wikimedia Foundation for projects for up to USD 2000 Active since May 2016 m:Grants:Project/Rapid
Simple APG (sAPG) Simple Annual Plan Grant For smaller chapters Active since 2016 m:Grants:Simple APG
APG (FDC) Annual Plan Grant For bigger chapters Active since 2016 m:Grants:APG
Wikimedia Community Fund Community Fund
General Support Fund
For all affiliates Active since 2022 m:Grants:Programs/Wikimedia Community Fund
North and West-Europe Active since 2023 Grants:Regions/Northern and Western Europe


Possible status:

  • draft - in preparation status
  • proposal - if IEG=proposed, PEG=open, Project=proposed, Simple APG=application under review, thus open for public review
  • funded - the grant request has been approved and has received/will receive funds (incl. partially funded) and is currently still active, status starting with IEG=selected, PEG=funded, Project=selected
  • completed - project has been funded and has completely finished, including (all) report(s) written and possible remaining funds have been relocated/returned
  • withdrawn - when a grant request has been withdrawn
  • not funded - when a grant request has been rejected (or IEG/Project: not selected)

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