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The budget and resource plan for 2022 of Wikimedia Belgium (WMBE) is needed to be able to plan and budget our activities. It is also a prerequisite for our grant application at the Wikimedia Foundation and for good governance (budget followup).

Budget overview[edit]

Category Budget Amount
Fixed costs Administration and services € 3000
Office renting € 2000
Capacity building Board training € 2000
Wikimedia training € 4000
Volunteer program € 6000
Partnerships € 5000
Human resources Freelance work € 10000
Project costs Education program € 1000
GLAM program € 3000
Heritage program € 4000
Grand Total € 40000

Administration and services[edit]

Category Budget Amount
Board and organisation insurance € 500 Board and organisation insurance
General Assembly € 500 General Assembly and administration
Mobile internet and telecom € 200 Mobile internet and telecom
Postal services € 300 Postal services
Printing € 800 Printing diverse documents
Staatsblad € 150 Publication Staatsblad
Taxes € 0 Taxes
VSDC membership € 150 VSDC membership and meetings
Websites Easyhost and One € 400 Websites Easyhost and One
Total € 3000

Those costs are mandatory, and directly related to legal and administrative obligations.

Capacity building[edit]

Board Training[edit]

Training for board members is really important since the board needs to acquire and develop a wide range of skills. We need to develop and implement programs and projects for our members. We need to learn how to create budgets, how to efficiently organise a meeting, how to interact with institutions and government, how to take decisions, how to make financial reports. We need to learn the legal requirements, and how to collaborate in a professional way in general.

Wikimedia training[edit]

We should organise decent Wikimedia training for the community members. How to write decent articles, how to comply with the free licenses how to support the Friendly space policy.

Volunteer program[edit]

Line item name Amount Description
Buy books for volunteers and projects € 1000 Make available diverse subject books to our volunteers to write Wikipedia articles
Volunteer conference participation € 1000 Conferences, training, presentations
Museum pass for volunteers € 1000 Yearly personal museum pass for volunteers
Publications e.g. Wikibook € 1000 Help volunteers to publish a Wikibook
Volunteer support € 1000 Generic volunteer support
Volunteer travel € 1000 Travel for photo shoots - Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, Wikipedia
Total € 6000

Project costs[edit]

Heritage program[edit]

Line item name Amount Description
Heritage closing event € 1500 Closing event
Heritage jury € 500 Jury
Heritage prizes € 1000 Prizes
Heritage volunteer support € 1000 Volunteer support for Heritage projects
Total € 4000

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