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This was the situation in Belgium until 15 July 2016: photos of modern buildings and artworks could not be published on Wikipedia and beyond without the permission of the architect or the artist who created it. This changed on 15 July 2016 and 2017 is the first summer in what modern buildings an artworks can be published freely.

Wiki Loves Public Space is a photo contest in what photographers and volunteers from Wikipedia go outside to take photos of buildings, artworks, monuments, memorials and other subjects visible from the public space.


Wiki Loves Public Space is a photo contest with as goal to get pictures from as many buildings, artworks, monuments, memorials and other subjects visible from the public space in Belgium on Commons, for use in Wikipedia. In this way we want to make the public space visible for the public on Wikipedia.

Since 15 July 2016 we have freedom of panorama in Belgium and 2017 would be the first full summer in what we can organise a photo contest about the public space, that includes modern buildings and public artworks.

History and background[edit]

Since 2011 we organise in Belgium Wiki Loves Monuments, the photo contest to get monuments on Wikipedia, and in 2016 we organised the photo contest Wiki Loves Art.



Anyone who is interested in helping out with the organisation of the photo contest is welcome to join.

We are looking for people who are interested to help with communication and translation, getting a jury, arranging prizes, organising the award ceremony and we are also looking for people who want to organise a photo tour during July or August.

Interested to help with the organisation[edit]

I am interested to help with organising the photo contest:

  • Dimi
  • Geertivp




Lecture given in Bib Ternat
Bib Ternat
Lecture given in Bib Ternat


The proposed timeline is as follows:

  • July-August: participants can take photos
  • September-October: jury judges photos
    • Due circumstances moved to December 2017-January 2018
  • November: award ceremony


  • People present at lecture 20 July: 11
  • Number of people registering for the photo contest: 284 people
  • Number of people uploading photos: 148 people
  • Number of uploads in photo contest: 2495 photos


For judging the photos to determine the winners, we used the jury tool Montage.

The jury was composed of five people, see the jury report.


Prize order User Prize
1 Moyaertsd Verbatim Stor'n Go 1.5TB+16GB USB-stick
2,9,10 Sally_V Hard disk Seagate Backup Plus, 1 Tb
3,7 Desiderata12 Verbatim Stor'n Go 1.5TB+16GB USB-stick
4,8 EmDee LaCie disk
5 .Anja. Book voucher
6 Zzval Hama USB-Stick FlashPen Fancy (USB 2.0, 128GB, 10MB/s)

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