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Wikimedia Belgium has to write for every year an annual plan where the projects and activities for the coming year are described. An annual plan is a prerequisite to receive funds through a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation.

The annual plan is accompanied by the budget and resource plan to describe the costs to implement the annual plan.

The focus of the annual plan are projects and activities that result in output for the Wikimedia movement. The most common output are articles in Wikipedia, images on Wikimedia Commons, data on Wikidata, and other content on one of the other Wikimedia platforms.


The annual plan is divided in two or more programs. A program is the aggregate of similar projects and activities.

Each program contains a description of the projects and activities that make part of that program, together with what the goal is why this program is done and what kind of output is targeted for in numbers (metrics).


After six months a midterm report has to be written, and at the end of the year a final report. In these reports is described what has been accomplished, with an overview of de metrics, and when applicable why and how has been deviated from the plan.

In the reports these questions need to be answered:

  • What are we doing?
  • Why are we doing it?
  • What do we expect will change?
  • What do we expect will happen?
  • How will we measure what happened?
  • What really happened?
  • How does what happened actually inform our next steps?
  • What are our next steps?

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