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Event Metrics

Wikimedia Belgium receives funding from the Wikimedia Foundation to organise projects and activities with as goal to enrich Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons and the other Wikimedia wikis. In return for the support and recognition from the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia Belgium has to supply information about the projects and activities that have been done in the past period. One part of the information are metrics: statistical information of the outputs on Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia platforms.

The Wikimedia Foundation has determined a set of global metrics to provide a standardised way of measuring the outputs of projects and activities. Besides the global metrics, we also have to provide extra metrics.

Besides the metrics, we also need to publish annual reports and reports for our grants.


There are five main metrics to be registered within each project and activity.

Seq Parameter Description
1 Total participants The number of people who attend your events, programs or activities, either in person or virtually. This definition does not include people not present during the activities, like people organising activities, social media followers, donors, or others not participating directly. If it are multiple activities, please specify per activity.
2 Number of newly registered users The number of participants that create new accounts on a Wikimedia project. These include users who register up to two weeks before the start of the event.
3 Number of active editors involved Existing active editors (5+ edits per month) involved at any capacity (planning, executing, participating) during the event
4 Number of content pages created or improved, across all Wikimedia projects A content page is an article on Wikipedia, an item on Wikidata, a content page on Wikisource, an entry on Wiktionary, and a media file on Commons, gallery page on Commons, etc. This metric captures the total number of content pages created or improved across all Wikimedia projects. Preferable the outputs are specified by wiki, content type and creation/improvement.
5 Number of edit-a-thons and workshops The number of trainings, (closed) workshops and (open) edit-a-thons that have been organised.
6 Number of other activities The number of (other) offline activities that have taken place.

Project page[edit]

Each six months, the treasurer of Wikimedia Belgium has to report the metrics to the Wikimedia Foundation. To do this easily, project and activity organisers are asked to add these metrics and statistics to the activity or project page as soon as they are known. You can use this standard setup to create a new project or activity page, or use this easy tool at Project page to create one. Copy the contents of that page, add it to a new blank page for your project/activity and complete the various sections.

If you already created a project page, please copy the following rows and add these to your project page:

  • Number of people present with an activity: ... (if multiple activities, please specify per activity)
  • Number of newly registered users: ...
  • Number of active editors involved: ...
  • Number of content pages created/improved: ... (preferable specify by wiki, content type and creation/improvement)
  • Number of edit-a-thons and workshops: ...
  • Number of other activities: ...

Besides these metrics, you are free to document any other metric or statistics you find convenient.


  • Don't abandon your project just because it doesn't fit into the metrics framework! You may have a project strategy that makes a lot of sense, and if you have good rationale and metrics to show your progress against these, that is fine! Just be sure to include your rationale for why your project doesn't influence the participation and content levels.
  • Don't ONLY report on these handful of metrics. You should be sure to document your own metrics, which include the above metrics, but also any other data that gives insight in the project.
  • Don't think that every metric has to be an answer greater than 0. We expect that most projects being done will not see results across all dimensions. This is definitely OK.
  • Don't forget to also add meetings, activities and milestones to the Activities page.

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