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Board meetings
WMBE board in 2024

The board of Wikimedia Belgium consists of:

Function Main responsibilities Current responsible Board member since E-mail
Chair Chair Geert Van Pamel 2014 Email me!
Threasurer Finance Dominique Labar 2022 Email me!
Project leader Projects Norbert Matheuwezen 2023 Email me!
Griet De Ceuster 2024 Email me!
Inge Van der Stighelen Email me!


The below is a generic description of board functions. See also Board member Roles and responsibilities.



  • Bookkeeping or liaison with the bookkeeper of the organisation
  • Receive payments like membership fees, and gifts
  • Process payments of invoices, and expenses
  • Contact with the bank
  • Prepare the budget
  • Follow-up the budget
  • Request and followup of subsidies
  • Prepare the grant reports (functional, and financial)
  • Funding and gift administration
  • Keep the board up-to-date with the financial situation of the organisation
  • Prepare the yearly balance report and the tax declarations
  • Perform the financial reporting


  • Perform administrative tasks within the organisation
  • Complete and archive the minutes of meetings (Board, General Assembly)
  • Keep the membership register
  • Member communication
  • Prepare the meetings (together with president and vice president)
  • Maintain the Google Suite infrastructure (structure, security)

Communications responsible


Community Liaison

  • Manage the social platforms
  • Answer questions by e-mail, telephone, social platforms
  • Keep contact with the Wikipedia communities via Community pages, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Cultural Diversity and Knowledge Equity Liaison

According to the Wikimedia movement strategic direction 2017:

  • Collecting knowledge that fully represents human diversity
  • Focus efforts on the knowledge and communities that have been left out by structures of power and privilege
  • Welcome people from every background to build strong and diverse communities
  • Avoid social, political, and technical barriers preventing people from accessing and contributing to free knowledge

Education Liaison

  • Support and stimulate education initiatives and programs linked to Wikimedia projects
  • Maintain contacts with scholars and academic personnel

Gender and Diversity Liaison

  • Promote equal participation in Wikimedia projects by gender/diversity
  • Prevent discrimination
  • Help identifying and the organisation of specific events
  • Search for collaboration with related organisations, or other chapters

International Wikimedia Liaison

National Liaison

  • Communicate with national organisations (eg. museums, government, education) and build a credible relationship with them

Friends of Wikimedia Belgium Fund

  • Coordinate the Friends committee
  • Manage the Friends projects

Project leaders

Project responsibility

Board members

Advisor to the Board

Upon termination of their board membership, Board members are automatically appointed as Advisor to the Board, unless there are reasons not to do it.

Board historical images


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