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According to our Statutes we have the following matrix on how we can handle Board member membership:

Initiative Possibilities in grade of severity Legal base Decision/Consequence
Activity organisers Revoke from activities Friendly space policy Can attend other activities
Personal decision Activities as volunteer WMF Only personal
Activities as associate member Statutes
Activities as effective member
Reduce ones actvities as board member Common agreement
Leave the Board on own initiative Only personal
Do not decide Proposal by the board for disciplinary actions
Board Do nothing Statutes 1/2 Board meeting
Continue only as treasurer Board can delegate a technical function
Decision to propose to suspend as a board member 1/2 Board meeting
Proposal for disciplinary actions
Board or 10% of effective members Organise Extraordinary general assembly
Board or 5% of effective members Decision to suspend as a board member Statutes 2/3 Extraordinary general assembly
Apply disciplinary actions
Revoke as board member with/without option as new future candidate
Revoke as effectieve or associate member
Trust and Safety team Suspend as volunteer WMF Described on Meta
Revoke as volunteer

Risk matrix[edit]

The above decisions all have a responsibility or risk towards:

Board Members Projects Partners Reputation Affiliates WMF General Public