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Board members are automatically appointed as Advisor to the Board upon termination of their board membership, unless there are reasons not to do it.

Potential roles


They can continue to play an important role in our organisation:

  • monitor the good working of the Chapter
  • propose actions to the Board
  • become an intermediate in case of issues
  • alert when they see risks
  • be member of the Kascommissie
  • remain active like any other member or project leader
  • continue to be promotors of our organisation towards the public and other organisations
  • idea gathering for funding

List of advisors

List of Advisors (in time sequence)
Advisor Name Main function
2014 2016 Antoine Vice President
2014 2016 Dimi International Institutions Liaison, working on EU Affairs and public policy
2014 2016 Maarten President
2014 2019 Alberto Institutions Liaison
2014 2019 Romaine Treasurer and grants
2016 2018 Loraine Gender and Diversity Liaison
2016 2019 Robin Secretary and Member communication
2018 2020 Lionel Scheepmans Cultural Diversity, Knowledge Equity and educational aspects in Wikimedia projects
2018 2022 .Anja. Gender and Diversity aspects in Wikimedia projects
2019 2023 Mike Secretary
2021 2023 Sam GLAM and Public domain



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