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This page is a simplified informal version of the reimbursement policy of Wikimedia Belgium.

Very important:

  • Expenses can only be made after prior agreement by the treasurer, 2 board members, or the board, depending on the amount.
  • We have a limited budget. Therefore all expenses have to contribute to a project, except for general administrative expenditure.
    • Administrative expenditures should be settled as an invoice, directly to the organisation, not as a personal expense claim.

Reimbursement form


  1. Make a separate PDF scan or photo of every receipt.
  2. Give every PDF scan or photo a sequence number in the file name.
  3. Add the same sequence numbers to the items on the reimbursement form.
  4. Add the date and the amount in euro.
  5. State clearly the type of costs, and the project or activity. We have a cost center expense reporting.
  6. Send the reimbursement form as ods/xlsx file together with the PDF scans as a zip file to the treasurer at
  7. The treasurer pays into the volunteer's designated bank account


  1. Make sure you have a receipt for every amount.
  2. In some car parks the machine "eats" the parking ticket while leaving. Make before leaving a photo of the parking ticket.
  3. The PDF scan of the receipt must clearly show the amount, the date, the supplier and what the costs are.
  4. All offline activities in the name of Wikimedia Belgium must be proactively mentioned on Activities, not only those activities for what costs are made. Also important milestones of projects and activities need to be added to the Activities page. Because we get our funds from the Wikimedia Foundation, we have to report on the statistics and outputs, as described on Metrics. This information must be shared (e-mail or project page) before you can get reimbursed.
  5. It is possible to receive a kilometer allowance for travel for Wikimedia Belgium with your own car. Mention with the reimbursement request the place of departure, the destination and the number of kilometers. The official allowance can be found on Kilometer allowance. Mention your car travel as a separate line on your expense claim, because our ledger needs to perform a yearly tax reporting per volunteer.
  6. All reimbursements have to be submitted before 15 December of the same year to be in time for our reporting towards the Wikimedia Foundation. For all costs close to or after this date the treasurer must be informed as early as possible.
  7. Only reasonable expenses for which the treasurer gave prior approval, are qualified for reimbursement.

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