2024-06-08 General Assembly

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Mandatory registration

Wikimedia Belgium (WMBE) invites all effective members to the General Assembly.

Only effective members can vote. If you can't be present, you can give a proxy to another member. One single proxy allowed per member.


Saturday 8 June 2024 from 14:00-18:00

Amazone, Middaglijnstraat 10 Rue du Méridien, 1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node


The meeting starts at 14:00.

Meeting administration[edit]

  • Chair of the meeting: ‎
  • Vote counter:
  • Note taker:


General meeting attendees in order of registration:

Voting members[edit]

  1. Geert Van Pamel
  2. Dominique Labar
  3. Norbert Matheuwezen
  4. Lionel Scheepmans

Becoming an effective member[edit]

The current board accepts the following effective members:

Proxy declarations[edit]

Non-voting participants[edit]

Counting Result
Count of presence
Count of proxies
Associate member
Total represented
Ordinary majority

Activities in 2023[edit]

Geert presents an overview of the Wikimedia activities in 2023.

Approval of the Annual Accounts 2023[edit]

Geert gives feedback on the annual accounts and the financial report.

Annual accounts:

Friends of Wikimedia Belgium Fund:

  • The Committee thanks for donations to the Friends of Wikimedia Belgium Fund
  • Project funds on the current account: completed projects Friends of: KOERS and Amazon (€9,600)
  • Renewal of the contract with the King Baudouin Foundation till 30 June 2026
  • We are searching new candidate projects

Approval of financial statements[edit]

Discharge of the board[edit]

Approval of the budget 2024[edit]

Geert presents an overview of the budget and the activities in the first half year of 2024 and adds an outlook for the second half of 2024. We received a WMF grant of 20.000 € for 2024. Details:

Board elections[edit]

Association rules[edit]

  • A mandate as Board member is valid for 2 years
  • The Chair needs to be re-elected every year
  • The number of Board members is between 3-6; Board decision 2015-12-05 approved at the 2016-01-23 General Assembly
  • Effective members can become a Board member after being candidate board member, and after election by the GA
  • Associate members can become effective member, after 6 months being associate member, upon request, and after approval by the Board


Can continue their 2nd year Board member without re-election:

Up for re-election:

Candidate Board members:

For info: What candidate board members need to know

Voting by the General Assembly[edit]

Voting by the General Assembly
Statement Yes No Abstention
Approval of the Annual accounts 2023
Agree to Discharge the board 2023
Approval of the Budget 2024
Approval of Board member Dominique Labar
Approval of Board member Geert Van Pamel
Approval of Board member Griet De Ceuster

Other subjects[edit]



This summer, we will organise several photo competitions: Wiki Loves Heritage, Wiki Loves Monuments, Wiki Loves Denderland.

Expense claims[edit]

Participants of the general meeting may submit an expense claim.