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Gift with tax certificate

Donation with tax certificate via The King Baudouin Foundation

Scan the QR code and make a donation via Payconiq.

Belgian residents receive in principle a tax reduction of 45% on the actual amount deposited for donations of 40 € per year or more (art. 145/33 CIR).

Donation with tax certificate via The King Baudouin Foundation
Donation with tax certificate via The King Baudouin Foundation

The Friends of Wikimedia Belgium Fund is recognised by the King Baudouin Foundation (KBS). Your donations will be used to finance Wikimedia Belgium's Fund-approved projects.

Donations can also be transferred to the account number IBAN: BE10 0000 0000 0404 BIC: BPOTBEB1 of the King Baudouin Foundation with the structured communication 019/1790/00048.

Tax exemption is possible for private individuals as well as for companies. Subsidies and grants from Belgian governmental institutions (federal, regional, community and regional) can also be received, as well as bequests.

A special procedure exists for donations resulting from a campaign on the occasion of special events (marriage, anniversary, celebration), subject to prior agreement by the King Baudouin Foundation (and a special structured communication).


Wikimedia Belgium NPO is committed to supporting Free Knowledge within the broad framework and global objectives of the Wikimedia Foundation. Fiscal certificates in Belgium can be issued for donations through the King Baudouin Foundation.

As an initiative of several philanthropists, the Friends of Wikimedia Belgium Fund was established, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation. The objective of the Fund is to support various projects of Wikimedia Belgium.

By making a donation to the Friends of Wikimedia Belgium Fund, you will be supporting projects whose general objective is to support Free Knowledge in Belgium. Wikimedia Belgium organises, among other things, heritage projects, "Writing for Wikipedia", "Wikipedia for foreigners", "Wikipedia for prisoners". It organizes, alone or in collaboration with other institutions, organizations, museums, libraries and archives, projects that promote Free Knowledge.

Specific objectives

Wikimedia Belgium is committed to promoting free access to and sharing of all knowledge, particularly at the regional, federal and European levels; contributing to social and cultural issues related to free data and free knowledge; encouraging consultation and responsible contribution to Wikimedia projects through presentations, books or other media. Its main purpose is to encourage the collection, organisation, enrichment, indexing, cataloguing and making available of free knowledge.

In doing so, it can work with other institutions, organizations, government, and the general public to raise awareness of the importance of free licensing to ensure that human knowledge, heritage, and related intangible elements remain available to mankind forever. This includes digitizing, describing and inventorying heritage through photography, audio and video and uploading it to Wikimedia Commons.

Management Committee

Within the King Baudouin Foundation, a Board Committee of the Fund is set up, consisting of the Founders, a representative of the Foundation and an independent third party who chairs the Board Committee.

The Fund's Board of Directors decides on the use of the Fund's resources. It approves the projects of the beneficiary Wikimedia Belgium NPO and fixes the amounts that the Fund will allocate to these projects. Wikimedia Belgium reports to the Fund on the use of the allocated funds.

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