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Wikimedia Belgium NPO has the legal requirement to administer a membership register of all effective members.

It has to be provided to the government upon request.

Associate membership


You can become an associate member by requesting a:

  • normal membership, open to any natural person (yearly fee of € 20).
  • active membership, open to contributors of the Wikimedia projects (like Wikipedia). This membership type is complimentary.
  • supporting membership, open to everybody interested in our organisation. We ask you for your a generous yearly donation (minimum € 25).

Once accepted as associate member, there is no difference between these memberships.

The current membership system was approved by the board on 7 December 2014 (minutes).

As per the Statutes (en) we do not accept other organisations to become member.

Other types of members


Membership of Wikimedia Belgium is legally determined. The following types of membership exist:

An associate member being member for at least 6 months can become an effective member upon request and after approval by the board.

Membership can be refused or revoked by the Board when there are good reasons to do so.

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