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Wikimedia Belgium is a vzw/asbl and has the legal requirement that a membership register of all effective members is kept.

It has to be provided to the government upon request.

Associate membership[edit]

You can become associate member in two ways:

  • a normal membership, open to contributors of the Wikimedia projects (like Wikipedia). This membership type is free.
  • a (supporting) membership, open to everybody interested in our organisation. We ask you for your generous yearly donation (min € 20).

Once accepted as associate member, there is no difference between these two memberships.

The current membership system was approved by the board on 7 December 2014 (minutes).

Types of members[edit]

In Wikimedia Belgium the following types of members exist:

  • Board members: are part of the board of directors of Wikimedia Belgium and take care of the daily administration
  • Advisors: ex-Board members upon request
  • Effective members: members that have voting rights in General Assembly
  • Associate members: members without voting rights in the General Assembly

An associate member being member for at least 6 months can become an effective member upon request and after approval by the board.

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