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Wikimedia Belgium is an association with members and thus has a General Assembly (GA). The General Assembly is the highest organ of WMBE. It is organised at least once a year. The minutes of meeting (statute updates) and financial statements are officially transferred to the Belgian Government.

Agenda of the General Assembly




For your information, we include an overview of the responsibilities of the General Assembly:

Article 23

The General Assembly is exclusively competent for:

  1. Amending the Articles of association; official version only in Dutch
  2. Appointing and dismissing the directors, Board members
  3. Appointing and dismissing auditors and determining their remuneration, in case a remuneration is granted,
  4. Granting discharge to the directors and auditors,
  5. Approving the annual accounts, yearly budget and general ledger
  6. The voluntary dissolution of the association,
  7. Converting the association into a company with a social purpose,
  8. Any matter concerning the membership of the association, disciplinary matters concerning effective members and associate members, membership management, membership fee, vote upon Internal rules of procedure
  9. Authorising persons who hold both the office of director and are hired employees of the association;
  10. All cases where this is so required by these Articles of Association.

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