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Legally founding an organisation takes a lot of work. Getting the organisation registered with the Wikimedia Foundation is not easy, either. However, the real work starts afterwards.

To simplify this setup procedure, we will set up different startup teams that will work on a specific aspect of initialising our organisation. The startup teams were started during Wikimania (August 12). The startup teams should communicate their proposals before October 1 so the community can interact and comment on the proposals. This way all decisions can be implemented by November 1.

Workgroups like Infrastructure and Communication are important during the setup phase of the chapter. We urge you to involve in these. During the different meetings, we understood that there was interest in some other groups like Projects, Collaborations, and Strategy. You can find the full list below.

The Board discussed and evaluated the status during recent board meetings.

Startup teams[edit]


What about our office, the website...

We are looking for answers on questions like:

  • Do we set up an office? Could we use the shared office space of WMDE in the Troonstraat as our first official address?
  • What internet services do we use (Dropbox vs own server, Google docs vs Microsoft 365, ...)?
  • Acquisition of domain name and emails
  • Where do we get business cards / banners / ad material?
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How do we approach our target audience?

We are looking for answers on questions like:

  • How do we communicate to our members? How do we approach new groups of potential interested people?
  • How do we handle our different languages?
  • What kind of website do we want? What do we do with our Twitteraccount?
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What projects do we want to organise?

See Wikimedia Belgium Projects


Who wants to work with us?

We are looking for answers on questions like:

  • How to broaden our existing collaboration, eg with KIK-IRPA, Herita, ...
  • How to set up a collaboration 'Wikipedian in Residence'

See: Collaborations

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Where to go with the organisation?

We are looking for answers on questions like:

  • Can we learn from the experience from other Wikimedia organisations (or ngo's)?
  • What kind of activity can we organize ?
  • Where can we get funding for our activities ?
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More informations on the page Wikimedia Belgium Strategy and discussion on talk:Wikimedia Belgium Strategy