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This page is a brainstorm organised in 2014 about what strategy we as Wikimedia Belgium should focus on.



Thinking about Where to go with the organisation?

  • Can we learn from the experience from other Wikimedia organisations (or ngo's) ?

Of cours it's possible. Few members of Wikimedia Belgium are already members of other Wikimedia organisations like Wikimedia FR, CH, NL, etc.

  • What kind of activity can we organize ?

At least we can continue to organize Wiki Loves Monuments and month of contributions. But certainly also others activities linked with the European parliament, schools, university, digital centre (espace numériques in French), and other associations sharing same targets than us or interested by them.

  • Where can we get funding for our activities ?

Already right now, it's possible to get funding by other Wikimedia association like Wikimedia FR or CH and so on. For example, 100 € was received this year from the organisation of the month of contribution after asking a micro credit on Metawiki. Step by step, Wikimedia Be will get is own budget directly from the Foundation, but for this, we have to organize plan of activity and submit them on right place.

Main contact


Lionel Scheepmans Wiki ou eMail

Members of the team


To do

  • Take contact with Mediawiki organisations from other countries.

Meetings and reports

  • Past meetings