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Bank payments by Wikimedia Belgium are only allowed via internet banking with a Digipass. The Digipass is owned by the treasurer. Payments must correspond 1:1 to an expense claim or a supplier invoice. For some recurring payments, for e.g. a telecom subscription, direct debit is allowed.

Wikimedia Belgium does not have a debit card, nor a credit card, to avoid fraudulent transactions.


  • For every payment a proper invoice, or an expense claim is mandatory
  • Every payment has a unique booking code, that is registered in the general ledger
  • Booking codes might be augmented by a booking sequence number (expense items, or repeated invoices from the same supplier in the same year)
  • When making a payment, make sure to register the third party bank account number
  • Use a unique payment reference (or structured communication)
  • Mandatory /B/ prefix for expense claims (legal anti fraud requirement)
  • Mandatory financial reporting and control

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