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For each of the bank accounts, one can download different types of bank statements, each with their specific content and usage.

Bank statement formats
Type Format Advantage Main usage Periodical Source Archiving Folder
Excel statements Excel Easy overview

All you need for income and expense


Follow-up of transactions

(easy) Reporting

Ad hoc



Download By year ledger
CAMT.053 statements XML Can be imported in bookkeeping program

Drag and drop to Excel for further reporting

Query and reporting

Review income and expenses


Ad hoc



Download By year XML-raw
PDF statements PDF Platform neutral; read-only Non-repudation

Long-term archiving

Quarterly Rekeninguittreksels By quarter PDF

You can download PDF extracts via:

Overzicht → Self Service → Downloads → Rekeninguittreksels


Archive the above files by bank account. To be kept in G-Suite.

Retention period: you need to keep bank statements, and invoices for 10 years.

Excel files are handy for reporting.

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