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Wikimedia Belgium has a bank account to book invoices (both incoming and outgoing), expenses, incoming payments, membership fees, and small gifts from the general public (without fiscal certificate).

We don't have bank cards, nor credit cards. We don't handle cash. All transactions are done via the bank account, to have a proof of the transaction, and to avoid any abuse.

At the end of the book year, the expenses are reported through the general ledger, and the financial statements.

The Foundation grants are administered on a separate Foundation account, to keep the yearly budget separate from the internal transactions.

Legal requirements[edit]

As per the Belgian tax authorities the free communication field must start with /B/ for the tax authorities to be able to detect and investigate potential fraudulent transactions.[1]

This is required for all types of expense claims: volunteer allowances, reimbursements, and volunteer fees.

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Notes and References[edit]

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