2018-03-13 Board meeting

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WMBE Board meeting, Tuesday 2018-03-13

  • Present: Geert, Robin, Romaine, Alberto
  • Excused: Loraine
  • Start meeting: 17h30
  • Location: Proximus Towers, Koning Albert II-laan 27

Funding of WMBE 2018[edit]

We eventually managed to get funding for 2018 from WMF via Simple APG meta:Grants:Simple/Applications/Wikimedia_Belgium/2018. No funding for an employee, but the remaining funding was higher than initially anticipated. Approved budget = 15000€ (with 10% contingency).

Our experience with the process of requesting and receiving WMF funding is generally negative and demotivating. We got a lot of discussions with the WMF and the WMF was not really understanding the specific (multilingual, multi-cultural) situation of Belgium.

We have registered a complaint with the WMF Grant committee, but did not receive any reaction till now. The WMBE Board will request an answer in April.

Activities 2018[edit]

We need to motivate volunteers to organise projects.

Especially in the FR region we require more participation.

  • We could cooperate with the EDU code 27-29/08/2018 project ( http://edu-code.eu/ ) Could we invite Benedict Wydooghe (Vives-hogeschool Kortrijk) to give a lecture about his activities in education? ⇒ Benedict is not available. Positive point of EDU code is that the initiative is coming from the FR community.

Proposal of subjects for our collaboration:

27/08 How to use Free licenses in education
28/08 How to write for Wikipedia
29/08 How to use Wikidata, Wikidata Query, and Reasonator
  • 2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage: there is a proposal for a photo contest organised by the Flemish Community (photos can be uploaded to Commons, analogous to c:Commons:Wiki_Loves_Public_Space_2017_in_Belgium/nl). Technically we have everything in place to be able to organise this in a fluent way. We "only" need a project page on Commons.

See: c:Commons:Wiki Loves Heritage 2018 in België

  • 28 May: Public domain day (PACKED & Constant)

Other possible projects:

Public agenda[edit]

Please publish all public activity dates on Google Agenda (section Events WMBE). Then the activities will be publicly visible on https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=wikimedia.be_38303933373933302d323436%40resource.calendar.google.com&ctz=Europe%2FBrussels (read-only link).

Also available via http://www.wikimedia.be (WMBE Activities)

Geert has created a private WMBE Agenda in Google called “Projects”, only visible to the board and project managers, that can be used to prepare WMBE projects and business meetings. The Board can update all those agendas. So this is then also an intra-board communication medium so that all board members are immediately informed about pending/possible projects. A private agenda for each board member is also available. Then everyone can document WMBE related private appoints.

Prepare the General Assembly[edit]

2018 General Assembly

We take note of the decision of Loraine to leave the Board, and the candidature of Lionel to become board member. .Anja. is another candidate. Geert and Robin are up for re-election; Romaine and Alberto can continue their mandate for the 2nd year.

There is a limit on the number of board members of 6, decided at the 2015-12-05 Board meeting and approved at the 2016-01-23 General Assembly.

We could continue with 4 board members. We would rather need more project leaders.

To present:

  • Activities passed 2017
  • Balance and income/expenses 2017
  • Election of new board
  • Activities and budget 2018

Date: Saturday 14 April at 13h, location Constant vzw office. Geert has contacted Constant. Date is OK.

Other topics[edit]

Romaine was not published in the Staatsblad… because of having no national BE number… so this is rather a technical problem that cannot be solved.

WMBE GDPR privacy declaration: we made an (approved) proposal at WMBE GDPR privacy declaration. Can the board please review this text? Is it complete/correct?

Romaine and Robin are going to the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin from 18-22 April. This is a yearly worldwide meeting for board members.

We discussed who would go to Wikimania 2018: the budget allows for 2 board members to attend. Robin and Geert requested a Scholarship from the WMF. If not approved one person can not participate. The Foundation did not approve any scholarships. Robin and .Anja. will participate. Travel and hotel will be paid by WMBE.

The travel expenses and hotel for Romaine will be partially paid by the WMF.

Register with goededoelen.be ? We could register projects via the Koning Boudewijnstichting to get tax certificates for specific short-living projects. See https://www.goededoelen.be


Romaine notifies the board that he is member of the Wikimania Committee. Question: Why is his travel to South Africa not paid by WMF if he is organising Wikimania? Why does WMBE need to take this on our own WMBE project budget?

Romaine notifices the board that he is member of the "Klankbordgroep het Virtuele Land". https://hetvirtueleland.be/basiswerking/erfgoedbank (It is regarding agrarian history).

Expense claims[edit]

We need to review the Reimbursement policy and synchronise with the Code of conduct for Board members. Should be discussed in more detail at next board meeting. What is missing is the maximum amount per level of authorisation, and the process (work-flow).

Reimbursement_policy & Gedragscode_voor_Bestuurders

Documents to be archived:


Insurance for volunteers: Geert has requested registration at VGC (Vrijwilligersverzekering). Approval is pending. This would give us 100 person-days free insurance for volunteers. This is rather restricted. If we require more capacity we need an additional paid insurance.

But we would require also an insurance against third party risks.

There would also exist/required an insurance for Board members?


The website http://www.wikimedia.be needs to be more attractive.

  • Contact page updated
  • Activities announced (Public Calendar)
  • More content required
  • Reports about passed activities

The https://be.wikimedia.org site remains our administrative site.

News from WMF[edit]

Delphine Ménard en Winifred Oliff are visiting Utrecht. On 21/03/2018 all volunteers of WMNL are invited for a group discussion at the Utrecht office. Does WMBE want to be there also?

No more TPS (Travel and participation Support grant). It is replaced by the Rapid Grant (private grants) and Conference & Events Grant (organisers of events).

Minutes: Robin & Geert