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Logo education program

This page documents the Wikipedia education program in Belgium, the full set of activities done in collaboration with educational institutions.


We collaborate with educational institutions (such as universities, colleges and others) to make their knowledge and expertise available to the public via Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia platforms.

Wikipedia is an increasingly important source of information for people all over the world. Wikipedia is among the top 10 most visited websites around the globe and with searching with Google the summarized data is already shown on the right during the search. Wikipedia is often the first place where students, policy makers, professionals, journalists, researchers, etc. look if they want to know more about something.

In Belgium and the Netherlands several projects have been set up in recent years within educational institutions to gain a better understanding of Wikipedia, and in collaboration with Wikipedia/Wikimedia students and staff of educational institutions share their knowledge on Wikipedia. These projects get every year more follow ups in more universities and colleges, which requires practical support from the Wikipedia community. The Benelux education programme is designed to coordinate education and provide support to institutions that get started with Wikipedia.

Since 2023, Wikimedia Belgium is allowed by the IFPC (the institute for continuus professional formation) to give pedagogical training to teachers during the pedagogical days in the french speaking part of Belgium.




In 2017 we started with dedicating a specific part of our budget to the education program. Before it were general costs.


The metrics and statistics of the education program are described on the documentation pages and project pages.

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