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This page documents the education program with the Antwerp Maritime Academy (Dutch: Hogere Zeevaartschool Antwerpen (HZS), French: École supérieure de navigation d'Anvers).


The goal of this education program is a long term collaboration in with every year students enrich Wikipedia with new articles.

History and background[edit]

On the Dutch Wikipedia the community noticed that multiple articles were written by students from the Antwerp Maritime Academy that were not written that well. We contacted the school and they are open to collaborate with us and receive our support.





  • 1 March 2018 - Meeting with Hogere Zeevaartschool Antwerpen to discuss collaboration   (Romaine)
  • 10 October 2018 - Introduction about Wikipedia and start of the writing assignment given to two classes of students from the third year   (Romaine)


The metrics and statistics of this project are:

  • Number of students:
    • 2018: ...
  • Number of students present:
    • 2018: class 1: 8 students, class 2: 26 students
  • Number of newly registered users:
    • 2018: ...
  • Number of content pages created/improved:
    • 2018: ...
  • Number of sessions:
    • 2018: 2 sessions

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