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Wikidata data must be validated.


  • Items have unique and immutable keys
  • Triplestore with statements (predicates) consisting of object-property-subject/value (entity relationship like in a relational database)
  • Easily updateable
  • Never 100% complete nor correct (eventual consistent)
  • Multilingual:
    • Labels, Descriptions, and Aliases are language sensitive
    • Properties are described like items (Property namespace)
      • New properties can be defined (by developers, upon user request)


  • Items must be unique
    • Unique Label - Description combination (homonym distinction)
    • Description must be different from Label
    • Label can not be repeated in Alias
  • Items must have an instance or a class
  • Notability:
    1. Item could be created because a Wikipedia page exists
    2. notoriety
    3. Item is required to describe another item
  • Labels in lowercase (nouns) or initial capital (proper names) -- German is an exception
  • Add sources to statements (more information, proof of validity)
  • Use (P6104) (maintained by WikiProject) to identify related items


  • Constraints:
    • additional classes might be added
    • reciproque property
    • reverse property
  • Missing language labels
  • Homonym dedection and (P1889) registration



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