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ListeriaBot is a Wiki bot to automatically execute (simple) SPARQL queries to build Wikipedia tables on project pages to support e.g. edit-a-thons.[1]

To prepare an edit-a-thon, it helps a lot to build a proactive list of subjects related to the theme, for which Wikidata items are created or amended. Using ListeriaBot one can automatically build a list of blue and red links. Red links are pages that do not exist, and can be easily created by one click of the mouse. Blue links are articles that can be extended or enhanced. Participants can easily choose their page to write. Also, the number of existing Wikipedia pages in other languages can be easily indicated. As well as an image (P18). You can execute the same query on multiple language Wikipedia's, to get the list specific to the language. Then you can put the link to the Wikipedia project page on the Wikidata WikiProject item page.

Setting up a project[edit]

Please also create a Campaign and Events activity, so you get automatic statistics about user activity.

Doing so you get an integrated project environment.


  • Analyse your theme, and search for example/target pages (title + a number of core properties)
  • Create a WikiProject in Wikidata
  • Using Excel and OpenRefine, link all the objects to the WikiProject by using e.g. Maintained by WikiProject (P6104)
  • Build a Wikidata query
  • Copy the query into a {{Wikidata list}} on a project page
  • Save the page
  • Execute the query once manually
  • Verify the results



Related functionality[edit]

  • Find images for Wikidata (WDFIST) - click on the link to find and register images. The system is searching images that are used on Wikipedia pages, to propose them to add to Wikidata with (P18)
  • Wikidata Query - Execute the query

Known problems[edit]

Automatic execution does not work[edit]

  • Verify the history of the Wikipedia page
  • Try to run the job manually (should provide OK status)

Delay in execution[edit]

It is not always clear why there is a delay in execution. Machine capacity? Technical reasons?

  • Try to run the job manually

Bad Gateway[edit]

Content of page possibly updated.

Updated table not visible for not loggedin users[edit]

  • Perform a cache refresh

Killed by OS for overloading memory[edit]

Content of page was still updated.

Field 'message' doesn't have a default value[edit]

Reason unknown.

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Notes and references[edit]

  1. By community agreement, ListeriaBot queries are not accepted in the main namespace, although it would technically work.