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Pywikibot is a way to automatically edit Wikimedia projects, via automated Python scripts.

It requires (advanced) programming skills.


You can access Pywikibot via a local shell script, or via PAWS (web interface).

Shell script PAWS Jupyter notebook
  • Design program logic
  • Write a script


  • PAWS is much simpler to implement (you can concentrate on the Python coding; you do not need to setup a Linux client)



  • Local password in special configuration file
  • OAuth (SUL single signon)

Example script[edit]


  • Bot account; this is a user account with a bot flag, that allows for high transaction rates, and high volumes


A combination of:

This solution could be much simpler to use (does not require programming, or installing, and configuring tools). Can be used as a prototype, or a proof of concept for a more complicated tool. But it incurs (more) manual operations, and possibly human errors.

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