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This is the jury report for the winning photos in Wiki Loves Public Space 2017 in Belgium.

We were with 5 jury members. We conducted 3 rounds for photo selection; we started with 1902 photos, 97 were disqualified (jury members, bad resolution):

  • A Yes/No round: 1805 photos of 136 photographers
  • A score 1-5 round: 68 photos with 2 votes from 26 photographers (538 had only one vote, 1199 had no votes)
  • Final ranking round for the top 10

Only at the end we revealed the usernames… 1 photographer with 3 winning photos and 2 photographers with 2 winning photos… making that we have only 6 winners…


  • Belgian public building or art
  • Good technical quality: resolution, sharpness, lighting, colors or black/white
  • Composition: Complete object
  • No artefacts (cars, traffic signs)
  • No watermarks

Phantastic photographers. Some of them are really new to Wikimedia Commons. Some of them are old rats since 10 year ago. Some winners did only upload 4 or 5 photos.

Tool used: Montage

1. La tour japonaise à Laeken
Author: Moyaertsd
Beautiful spring colors. Look at the fresh rose tree flowers in the front top right. The mirror lake reflections. The trees. The strange brownish sky color. Perfect light. The red tower contrasting with the green surroundings.
2. Vrieselhof te Oelegem
Author: Sally V
Nice composition, color and layout. The building is at the same time symmetrical and asymmetrical.
3. Beautiful streets of Durbuy
Author: Ravindra Hegade
Full of nature in the background and the flowers and the tree in the front, construction, natural stones, human physical and economic activity. Nice perspective. Well centered. Do you see the Achouffe?
4. Mémorial Reine Astrid Bruxelles
Author: EmDee
Nice color composition, perfect timing for natural sun light and shadow. Nature is still in winter mode but the building is welcoming the afternoon sun light.
5. Ascenseur funiculaire de Strépy-Thieu
Author: .Anja.
Nice green, blue, and red color variants together with the layout of this industrial construction in the middle of the nature. In the far distant we see quite some coal terrils remembering about an industrial past.
6. A night in Brugge
Author: Zzval
The black sky combined with the yellow lighting of the buildings and the reflection in the water. The green tree in the front and the dark building in the back at the water side gives additonal profile to the scene.
7. Citadel of Namur
Author: Ravindra Hegade
Nice lighting and color composition, and structure of stone paving. The upward/center dynamic impression together with the front blurryness gives a nice visual effect.
8. Kruidtuin Leuven
Author: EmDee
A public artwork. Nice green varying colors and spring noon shadow. Quiet art in the center of Leuven.
9. Klein Begijnhof van Leuven
Author: Sally V
Historical little houses that require archiving. Cold winterday with at 4 ‘o clock in the afternoon bright sunlicht in the distant trees and on the roof tops. Nice composition. Perfect alignment and perspective.
10. Koninklijk Paleis Brussel
Author: Sally V
Timeless picture. Empty square, where sometimes 1000s of visitors gather. Typical weather for beginning of june. A bit of clouds, a bit of wind. Typical Belgium.

The Jury:

  • Geert Van Pamel
    Président, Wikimedia Belgium
  • Romaine
    Board Member, Wikimedia Belgium
  • Adeline Rossion
    Collection Curator, Musée de la Photographie à Charleroi
  • Hans van der Linden
    Vlaamse Gemeenschap
  • Hilke Arijs
    Hoofdbibliothekaris, Ternat

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