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Wiki Loves Monuments is a project with as goal to get pictures from all registered monuments (uploaded on Wikimedia Commons) and having those pictures listed in lists on Wikipedia together with a description and the location. In this way we want to make the cultural heritage visible for the public. To make this project successful, we work together with various organisations and sponsors.

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Canal house in Amsterdam

Wiki Loves Monuments was organized for the first time in the Netherlands in September 2010. It is the successor to Wiki Loves Art in the Netherlands organized in 2009. With Wiki Loves Monuments in 2010, participants were encouraged to photograph some of the more than 50,000 national monuments (so-called "Rijksmonumenten") throughout the Netherlands as part of a photo competition. These are buildings or objects of general importance because of their beauty, importance to science, or cultural history – like archaeological sites in Drenthe, the canal houses in Amsterdam, and the Royal Palace in The Hague. To do this we contacted the Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed (RCE), a Dutch heritage organisation working for the protection and conservation of National Heritage Sites, and signed an agreement in which the conditions were written down. Basically, we agreed that Wikipedia got information like location data of all these Rijksmonumenten, and the volunteers of Wikipedia would report errors as feedback to the RCE. With this geographical information it is easier to find the monuments and to photograph them.

In total 12,501 photographs were made of the national monuments in the Netherlands. It resulted in many monuments having pictures on Wikipedia shown in lists of monuments and in articles. There were three categories in which awards have been presented: a category for photos from Vlissingen (Flushing); a category for the contestants with the highest number of objects photographed and a category for the best photo over all, awarded by a jury. All prizes were announced at a prize ceremony in Utrecht on November 20, 2010. See the top-10 at Wiki Loves Monuments 2010 and the uploaded pictures at Images from Wiki Loves Monuments 2010.


Participating countries 2011

The photo competition of 2010 was very successful and we wanted to continue the contest in 2011. This time we up-scaled the project to a European level wherein 18 countries participated. This was mostly organized by the chapters in co-operation with users of Wikipedia, or by users of Wikipedia alone. In total 169.150 pictures of European monuments were uploaded. In each country winners were selected. The best 10 pictures of each country also participated in the European Contest.

In 2011 the contest also was organized in Belgium and Luxembourg together. For this purpose we created our own website at, created lists with all the monuments and organized a price giving ceremony at the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage ( IRPA / KIK ).

Our partners and sponsors for the 2011 contest are Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, Agentschap Onroerend Erfgoed (VIOE) (Flanders Heritage Agency), Institut du Patrimoine Wallon, Brussels Capital Region, Wikimedia Nederland, Wikimédia France and Wikimedia Deutschland.

In total 5801 photographs of Belgian monuments and 246 of Luxembourg monuments were made and uploaded. The jury selected 22 pictures as the winning pictures. See the gallery of the winning pictures.

See for the uploaded pictures:

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In 2012 Wiki Loves Monuments will be organized in many countries worldwide. The preparations have already started in several countries. Forming a team of users to organize the contest in their country. Contacting the national agency concerning national monuments to receive information to create lists of monuments on Wikipedia. To build a website in each country. Getting sponsors and organizing prizes. Getting publicity in the media about the contest. Creating awareness on the local Wikipedia('s) in the particular country. And more...

For more information: see the general project page at Commons:Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 and the project page for Belgium and Luxembourg on Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 in Belgium & Luxembourg.

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26 November in Brussels: prize giving ceremony[edit]

See: Invitation to the prize giving ceremony of Wiki Loves Monuments 2014


This year we skipped Wiki Loves Monuments in Belgium & Luxembourg for organising another project.


Project page: Wiki Loves Monuments/2016

25 November in Brussels: prize giving ceremony[edit]

See: Invitation to the award ceremony of Wiki Loves Art & Wiki Loves Monuments 2016


In 2017 we organised no Wiki Loves Monuments. Instead we organised the photo contest Wiki Loves Public Space in July and August to celebrate the first full summer of Freedom of Panorama.


In 2018 we organised no Wiki Loves Monuments. Instead we organised the photo contest Wiki Loves Heritage about immovable heritage, movable heritage, immaterial heritage and maritime heritage, as part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

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