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Wiki Loves Monuments is a photography contest organised in Belgium & Luxembourg and is part of the international contest of Wiki Loves Monuments in multiple countries. In 2011 the contest is organised for the 1st time in Belgium & Luxembourg.


The purpose of the contest is to ask the public to take photos of cultural heritage and upload it on Wikimedia Commons. In this way we make our heritage visible to the public, enrich Wikipedia with photos to illustrate the articles, and to supply a way for the public to help improve Wikipedia.

History and background[edit]

In 2010 Wiki Loves Monuments was organised for the first time in the Netherlands only. In 2011 the contest was organised in multiple European countries, including Belgium and Luxembourg.



  • Dirk Van Esbroeck, user on Wikipedia. He's for 30 years an amateur photographer, and member of the "Bond Verantwoorde Natuurfotografie" (Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography) and "Fotoclub KunstLigt" in Wachtebeke.
  • Tijl Vereenooghe, the manager of Just as the picture contest Wiki Loves Monuments collects this website pictures of the Flemish cultural heritage.
  • Michiel Hendryckx, a news photographer and Flemish television personality. He made television programs "De bende van Wim" and "Het Bourgondisch complot". (website)
  • Luc Viatour, one of the most active users of Wikimedia Commons. He made dozens of pictures that are awarded as Featured Pictures (overview).
  • Hans Denis, a photographer linked to the Flemish government. He has years of experience in photographing monuments.

Partners / sponsors[edit]


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Poster at Fountain St Gery in Brussels



Upload statistics by day
  • Photos uploaded
    • 5879 photos of Belgium
    • 247 photos of Luxembourg
    • 6126 photos in total
  • Participants
    • 211 participants with photos from Belgium
    • 24 participants with photos from Luxembourg
    • 232 participants with photos

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