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This is the jury report for the winning photos in Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 in Belgium and Luxembourg.

1. Lommel soldiers cemetery
Author: Sally V

16th prize WLM worldwide

This photo is an instant winner. It stood out amongst the thousands of contributions by the unique way it grasps the solemnity of the soldier cemetery. The dim light of the sun gives a warm, gentle cover on the graves of the fallen. The dignified visitors in the foreground amplify the impression of vastness of the cemetery, as the perfectly aligned line of sight ends in the total darkness of the surrounding wood. The sky adds to the dramatic setting. The photo inspires awe and respect. (F.T.)
2. Gravensteen, Ghent
Author: Davidh820

12th prize WLM worldwide

The monumentality of the building reflected in the water and the warm sunset light make this picture particularly appealing. The nice symbiosis between landscape and architecture embraces the building and its relationship with its environment in a unifying portrait. (A.R.)
2. Bust of La Fontaine, Castle of Belœil
Author: Davidh820
The originality of this picture consists in the way it reveals one of the jewels of the castle interior and the beauty of its park. By means of an interesting framing, our look is accompanied to the window via the sculpted bust, a solution giving a dynamic balance to the image. (A.R.)
4. The Library in Castle of Belœil
Author: Davidh820
The photographic overview of the room gives the observer a chance to grasp the extension and richness of the library at the Château de Beloeil without revealing its secrets. It offers a tempting invitation to go and enjoy the pleasure of exploring this space and the content of its shelves. (A.R.)
5. Sint-Pieters train station in Ghent
Author: Davidh820
The Ghent railway station is usually very busy with students and persons going to and coming back from work. Yet the picture portrays it empty, lit in a warm sunlight. It casts a different vision on a place which we usually experience with other eyes. The perspective and composition immediately accompany us into the world of travelling, short or long as it may be, while we sit in the coach and look at Ghent slowly coming in the view through the window. (E.M.)
5. Romance warehouse, Ghent
Author: Pedro J Pacheco
Great panoramic view of the Romaans Stapelhuis, with a nice water reflection against a heavy sky. Perfect composition. The picture also captures the beauty of the dark Belgian light which amplifies the stone textures of the houses. (F.T.)
7. Castle ter Beken in Mariakerke
Author: Davidh820
The choice of representing the monument as a unique entity of water and stone is particularly evocative. The castle appears here as what it was meant to be: a fortified structure difficult to access, fascinating but threatening and distant at the same time. The picture lets us catch a glimpse of the past of the building, whose walls bear the signs of its long history. (E.M.)
7. Pier of Blankenberge
Author: De Bruecker Anne-Marie
A “classic” shot, with a nice composition. The pier of Blankenberge appears from this perspective as an extreme witness of human-led change affecting the environment. Looking at the picture, we cannot skip thinking of several ancient cities built on piers. Thus the image combines past and present and recalls that in the future, mankind will still keep on altering nature at will. (E.M.)
7. De Schellemolen in Damme
Author: De Bruecker Anne-Marie
A photo in perfect symmetry, with an original framing and angle. The thicket in front adds some poetry to the scene. The sky and the reflection are a perfect match, also in color toning. (F.T.)

The Jury

  • Prof. Frederick Truyen
    Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, IT Board, Faculty of Arts; President Photoconsortium Association
  • Adeline Rossion
    Collection Curator, Musée de la Photographie à Charleroi
  • Dr. Emiliano Manzillo
    Teacher and photo/video amateur; President Società Dante Alighieri Antwerpen

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