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The Campaign dashboard (Programs & Events Dashboard, Campaigns and events tool) is a Wikimedia tool to measure the effective participation, and the progress of (new) volunteers that participate in writing for Wikipedia projects and activities.

It allows to plan and organise events, to coach, report, and download the results. The campaign report can be used to gather metrics data for the Foundation yearly grant reporting.

It is part of Manage Wiki projects using Wikidata.

Data model[edit]

The activities can be set up in a hierarchy:

Organiser ← Campaign ← Program ← Session ← Participant ← Page update
  • The organiser is a chapter, affiliate or organisation represented by a responsible coordinator
  • A campaign is typically an (educational) institution, museum, or long-term activity (style Wiki Loves)
    • A Campaign typically consists of a series of (yearly) Programs
  • A program (project) are a series of events (sessions) with their own venue
    • Not to be confused with the program, as part of the yearly grant
  • A session (event) typically has a date, and an activity tracking start and end date
  • For a session (event) there can be multiple coordinators
  • Participants can be physically present or collaborate off-line
  • Participants have the option to either create or request a user account


To use the application you need to login with your Wikimedia account.

Security matrix
Role Functions, tasks and responsibilities
  • Create and document campaigns, programs, and sessions
  • Register (or remove) participants
  • Request a data update (update statistics)
  • Register oneself for a session (Wikipedia account required)
  • Choose and register (assign) a (new) subject
  • Create and amend articles
  • See the campaign details and the other participants
Third parties
  • See the inventory of campaigns, programs, and sessions
  • Read and verify the results
  • Download statistics


  • Create a campaign
  • Create a program
  • Create a session
  • Add Available articles
  • Add partcipants, let participants subscribe
  • Assign pages
  • Reporting

Main site[edit]


Tips for participants[edit]


  • The Wikipedia project page has a subscribe button
  • Multiple administrators can facilitate the management of the campaign
  • An event password is required in case you would restrict registration
  • Users need a Wikipedia username to subscribe
  • If needed they can create or request an account via the tool
  • They should register before participating to the event
  • This way they avoid IP restrictions when attempting onsite registration


  • The event coordinator describes all details of the session
  • Go to the project page of your preferred Wikipedia
  • Login or create a Wikipedia account. Should this fail, you can also request an account via the blue "Subscribe" button. Then click on "Request account". Then choose a non-existent pseudonym and enter your personal e-mail address. Then click on "Check username availability" and "Request account". You will receive an e-mail with a temporary password.
  • Click on the blue "Subscribe" button
  • Confirm that OAuth can use your account credentials
  • Assign a page to myself
  • See all participants
  • Monitor participant activity
  • Generate session statistics


The reasons why we put a (Wikipedia) sign-up button on the project page are:

  • We are thus certain that participants create a Wikipedia account in advance (the number of logins that can be created on site is limited)
  • We can provide guidance to participants in an easy way
  • We know who wrote which article, which facilitates reporting afterwards (less manual work)

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