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The Campaign dashboard (Campaign and events tool) is a Wikimedia tool to measure the effective participation, and the progress of (new) volunteers that participate in writing for Wikipedia projects and activities.

It allows to plan and organise events, coaching, reporting and downloading the results.

Data model[edit]

Organiser ← Campaign ← Program ← Session ← Participants ← Page updates

The organiser is a chapter/affiliate represented by a responsible user/volunteer.


Security matrix
Role Functions, tasks and responsibilities
  • Create and document campaigns, programs, and sessions
  • Register (or remove) participants
  • Schedule data update (update statistics)
  • Register oneself for a session (Wikipedia account required)
  • Create and amend articles
Third parties
  • See the inventory of campaigns, programs, and sessions
  • Read the results
  • Download the statistics




  • You can easily add a subscribe button on a Wikipedia project page
  • Name multiple administrators to facilitate the management of the campaign
  • Add a password in case you would restrict registration
  • Users need a Wikipedia username to subscribe
  • If needed they can create an account
  • They should register before participating to the event
  • This way they avoid IP restrictions when attempting onsite registration

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