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Here is a generic plan to run Wiki projects, campaigns, and sessions. The target subject list is registered in Wikidata using OpenRefine.

  1. Plan for the session together with the participating institution (date, place, target participants, subject)
  2. Create a WikiProject in Wikidata
  3. Link items to the project using the property "Maintained by WikiProject" (P6104)
  4. Create an event/campaign on "Events and campaign tool"
  5. Create a Wikipedia project page, possibly on multiple languages (Wikipedia)
  6. Place a "register button" to the session in the campaign tool
  7. Build a (simple) SPARQL query based on the WikiProject item number
  8. Create a ListeriaBot query on a project subpage from the SPARQL query (red and blue links + other properties in columns)
  9. Send the invitation to the participants (mention the project page, use social media)
  10. Run the writing session
  11. Follow-up the participants using the Campaign and events tool
  12. Report on user and event statistics

Project variants can be created depending on the target organisation (museum, university, library, heritage organisation), and the type of subject. We can also organise photo campaigns like e.g. c:Campaign:wmbe-wwd. By using the above methods, manual effort is minimised, and a maximum use is made of all available Wikimedia platforms.

With the below websites you can cycle from one platform to another just by clicking around… this way people more easily find information.

Wikidata > Wikipedia project page > ListeraBot > Campaign and events > Wikipedia > Wikimedia Commons > Wikidata 

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