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General schema to run a Wikimedia project

Wikimedia affiliates and user groups are frequently running edit-a-thons about selected subjects. Organising such activities can involve a lot of work, but Wikidata can provide us a helping hand.

Here we present a generic plan how to run and manage Wiki projects, campaigns, programs, and sessions using Wikidata and the Programs and events dashboard as a central repository. The target subject list is registered in Wikidata using OpenRefine and used with ListeriaBot.

The starting point is the idea for the (subject of the) writing session. Then we brainstorm about the list of topics. We register the item list in Wikidata, so that we can generate the list of lemmas for Wikipedia, allowing the participants to easily select the article they want to edit (existing, new). During the session, coaches can follow the performance of the participants, and advice them. Finally, after the session, we can generate statistics about the activity (sessions, programs, campaigns). Using Wikidata Query we can list all the projects organised by the affiliate.


General plan[edit]

  1. Plan the session together with the participating institution (date, venue, target participants, subjects)
  2. Identify/compile the target lemmas and items (Excel or Google Spreadsheet)
  3. Create a Wiki project in Wikidata (with a description, attributes, and link to the project page)
  4. Upload the items to Wikidata using OpenRefine
    1. Reconcile the items:
      1. Amend existing items
      2. Create missing items
    2. Link the items to the project using the property "Maintained by WikiProject" ((P6104))
  5. Create an event/program/campaign on the Programs and events dashboard platform
  6. Create a Wikipedia project page, possibly distributed on multiple languages (Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons)
    1. Describe the project venue, goal, and how to subscribe and participate
    2. Place a "blue register button" linked to the campaign tool session URL
    3. Put a link to the subpage of the list of target articles on the project page
      1. Build a (simple) SPARQL query based on the WikiProject item number (using Wikidata Query)
      2. Create a ListeriaBot query on a project subpage from the SPARQL query (red and blue links + mention other properties in columns)
  7. Send the invitation to the participants (mention the project page, use social media)
  8. Run the writing session
    1. Make sure the participants click on the blue button (registration of the user activity on Wikimedia platforms)
    2. Give a training, demo, support, explain, help,...
    3. Distribute the book Writing for Wikipedia
  9. Follow-up the participants using the Programs and events dashboard (Campaign and events tool)
    1. Give feedback and/or correct/amend new or updated Wikipedia pages
  10. Report on user and event statistics (project page, social media, WMF grants system)

Project variants can be created depending on the target organisation (museum, university, library, heritage organisation), and the type of subject. We can also organise photo campaigns like e.g. Campaign:wmbe-wwd. By using the above methods, manual effort is minimised, and a maximum use is made of all available Wikimedia platforms.


With the below web services you can cycle from one platform to another just by clicking around… this way people can find information more easily.

It all starts with the list of topics that are loaded into Wikidata, and link them with (P6104).

Excel > OpenRefine > WikiProject > Wikidata > Wikipedia project page > Programs and events dashboard > Wikidata Query > ListeriaBot > Wikipedia > Wikimedia Commons > Wikidata > Campaign and events statistics

More information[edit]