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This page describes the project together with the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR).


The purpose of the project is to import the donated images from the Royal Library of Belgium to Wikimedia Commons, and the data of the works on Wikidata. Further also articles about remarkable artworks are written.

The Royal Library of Belgium also takes part in the Public domain day 2018 event.

History and background[edit]

The Royal Library of Belgium participated in 2016 in the photo contest Wiki Loves Art in Belgium. On 8 March 2017 the Just For The Record edit-a-thon took place in the KBR.




  • Generic budget: GLAM program


  • 27 August 2016 - Guided tour and writing session as part of Wiki Loves Art in the Royal Library of Belgium, Brussels
  • 8 March 2017 - Just For The Record edit-a-thon in the KBR
  • 27 November 2017 - Meeting with the Royal Library of Belgium and Packed in Brussels   (Romaine)
  • 9 May 2018 - Working session to prepare the public domain day event 2018, at office of ModeMuseum Antwerpen in Antwerp   (info)


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