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This page documents the public domain day event in Brussels in May 2018. See for other years of the event at public domain day.


The purpose of the event is to celebrate that at 1 January new works have entered the public domain (because copyrights expired), as well as to raise awareness of the public domain and the importance of it for our society.

Public Domain Day happens every year on 1 January. The event to celebrate the public domain is also named public domain day and takes place later in the year.

Public domain day is an excellent opportunity to put the works that have become public domain in the spotlight.

In 2018 we have especially attention for the works of the Belgian architect Victor Horta.

History and background[edit]

In both 2016 and 2017 public domain day was also celebrated in Brussels.




  • Generic budget 2018: GLAM program


  • 7 March 2018 - Organisational meeting for the public domain day 2018 event   (Romaine)
  • 26 May 2018 - Public domain day 2018 event


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