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The tax administration allows a New Year gift of up to €40 to be given to staff and volunteers, free of social security contributions and taxes.


Wikimedia Belgium wants to express her gratitude for the volunteer work produced during the past year.

Therefore, we would like to give a New-year present. Legally we can offer a present of 40 €, tax-free and free of social security contributions. For practical reasons, we propose that we transfer this amount via a bank account, so we do not have administrative and practical headaches with cadeauxcheques. We understand cash is less attractive, but it is much functional. Eventually volunteers could offer themselves a nice present…


Dear Wikipedia volunteer,

In 2023, you took the liberty of submitting an expense report for an activity in which your commitment as a volunteer for Wikipedia, or another Wikimedia project, was crucial.

Therefore, the board of Wikimedia Belgium would like to thank you warmly.

We have therefore transferred 40 € to your bank account, exempt from social security contributions and taxes.

It may be less appealing than a real gift, but this method is more practical and allows you to treat yourself to a gift of your choice.