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BIZTAX is a web service of the Belgian Government to administer the Tax declarations for VZW and other organisations or enterprises.

Login with eID[edit]

Go to


  • You need to login with your eID, and select "login as company/wettelijke vertegenwoordiger" (unless you are really a mandatory = mandataris).


  • So you need to have the Belgian nationality
  • Do not login as a person, nor as a mandatory

If you select the wrong option, you get an error like:

  • U bent aangemeld als mandataris maar voor dit ondernemingsnummer bent u wettelijke vertegenwoordiger.
  • Druk op de knop 'Afmelden' en gelieve u opnieuw aan te melden als wettelijke vertegenwoordiger.

Start a Tax declaration[edit]

Search an enterprise: 0563.775.480 - RPB (rechtspersonen) and/or a year of declaration + type of enterprise = RPB

Then you get the option to create, review, or administer your declaration. Select the year for which you would like to access the documents.


  • Login
  • Review/upate Name, address, bank account, contact list: Section Id
  • Add taxable items: Section 276.5.A (income)
  • Add attachments: Section 276.5.B (Jaarrekening)
  • Check and Review
  • Calculate (estimated) tax amount (important as a completeness verification!)
  • Upload documents
    • jaarrekening: yearly income/expense and balance sheet (for small VZW)
    • Other important document(s)
  • Check for errors
  • Save the declaration
  • Sign the document
    • Accept to download non-secure data!
    • Click in the signature zone
    • Confirm with your PIN code
  • Download the resulting documents
  • Archive the electronic documents
  • Logoff

List of mandatory attachments[edit]

Data entry timing[edit]

Before end of June for the preceding year of income. Period can possibly be extended by the administration.

Taxable year < Financial statements < General Assembly < Legal updates < Registration of balance + Income and Expenses < Tax declaration < Tax calculation < Tax payment

Resulting documents[edit]

Tax declaration documents
Document Description
Jaarrekening.pdf Balance sheet and income/expense declaration
Ontvangstbewijs_21/09/2016.pdf Receipt
Bewijs_van_ondertekening_21/09/2016.pdf Proof of signature
XBRL_van_de_aangifte_21/09/2016.xbrl Binary XML version (internal use for Tax services)
PDF_van_de_aangifte_21/09/2016.pdf Declaration (Human readable)


Caveat: For late declarations you get a default penalty of (at least) 50 €.

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