2016-02-20 Board meeting

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Logo Wikimedia Belgium
Logo Wikimedia Belgium

Meet from 13:00 at the KUBUS Permeke Library De Coninckplein, Antwerp (a 5 minute walk from the Central Station).

Route from train: leave the Central Station via the main exit in the direction of Astrid square, continue on the left of the square towards the Chinese gate, cross under the gate van continue in Van Wesenbeek street until you get to the De Coninck square; the library is on the right at 2 o'clock.

Yes, I participate


No, unfortunately

Communication in the board

⇒ We had a good talk amongst the board on how we could enhance communication and interaction amongst the board members. We concluded that project managers should pay attention to their planning and project content. We agreed to use the project pages to coordinate the projects and the coordination.

The board would not need to intervene with the management of the projects, unless something is not going as it should...


Financial responsibilities

  • current financial responsibilities : DerekvG, Romaine, Maarten
    • Proposal for Maarten to delegate his current access responsibilities for the next year (review of bank account)

⇒ We keep Maarten as "witness" of bank account transactions. Geert will subscribe to a (personal) bank account with a proxy to complement Maarten's assignment.

  • Prepaid credit card

⇒ It was agreed that a prepaid credit card is a practical way to perform international payments. A normal credit card was not possible because the bank asked a too big credit amount on the savings account. For the prepaid card we pay 12 € per year to Bpost. The treasurer will keep the monthly extracts in the archives for proof-of-expense.


  • Business cards

⇒ Loraine will make a layout based on the Foundation identity. Producing rounded cards is more expensive than simple cut cards. Alberto proposed to print (a bigger amount) of "unnamed" cards for flexible distribution.

  • Web sites (WLM, WLA, frontend of wikipedia.be)

⇒ Geert and Derek will propose in Utrecht to go ahead with the Lemonbit management of the web site for 1 more year. It is however totally unclear who did the initial setup of the sites. Next year we will evaluate the transfer to BE.

WLA should receive another skin. Robin to advise Loraine on how to do this.

Budget S2 status

⇒ Needs to be detailed/adapted to the development of the projects.

Tax reduction for gifts to vzw

Gifts from enterprises are tax deductible anyway. They don't need a special tax form; only an invoice from us with our ON on it is sufficient as we are not subject to VAT. Our invoices don't carry VAT so enterprises cannot deduct it.

These tax forms are only required for individuals and first pre-requisite is accounts for at least 2 complete fiscal years submitted to the griffie.

  • Year 0 (2018) : Request subsidies: Flemish, Federal, Wallonia Government (prerequisite for Tax reduction forms permit)
  • December of year 0: Request Tax reduction forms permit
  • Year+1: Administration of Gifts
  • Year+2: Issue Tax reduction forms

See Roadmap Roadmap Founding Wikimedia Belgium

⇒ We need first 2 complete book years; so will be only possible as of next year.


Insurance for volunteers

⇒ This is required to mitigate our risk towards members or other parties. Derek to make a proposal via http://vrijwilligers.be


Wiki Loves Art

  • Contacts with GLAM institutes
  • Possible collaboration with PACKED, KMSKA (Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp)

⇒ We need to make realistic assumptions as to the number of institutes we can contact/convince. We should try to contact photographers who can give a training We need to to take the occasion to work with other organisations that already have contacts with institutions In BE apparently it is a bit more difficult to contact/convince institutions. We have certainly a lack of contacts with Walloon institutes.

We are a bit late to invite institutes, therefore we would extent the project till later in the year.

We should contact Faro and Packed to collaborate.

Wiki Loves Monuments

  • Planning? Who What When

⇒ Stefano & Romaine to make a project proposal/budget and planning.


  • WP development blocked by moderators

⇒ 4 schools could be candidate:

  1. Thomas Moore
  2. Kortrijk
  3. UCL/KUL
  4. Loraine

Activity reporting

Activity list on Meta stops after 2014? See meta:Wikimedia Belgium/The Illustrated and Annotated Activity List of Wikimedia Belgium

⇒ To be updated by Derek (put a forward link to the current page).

Membership management


  • Web site
  • Newsletter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Mailing list ~ member list; we do not have an opt-out system?

⇒ Robin to think how to organise this.

Membership list

  • To be centrally stored
Additional data that are required
  • Register the date of becoming effective member (already done)
  • Register payment date of membership fee
  • Opt-out date (for e-mailings)

⇒ It was agreed to centrally store this file to have only one copy. Romaine, Derek, and Geert have write access. The other board members have read access.

Motto of our organisation

Our motto is not complete. Proposal for motto ins Deutsch: Die Menschen zum Freien Wissen bringen

⇒ The DE motto was agreed by all 6 board members (thank you, Ziko, for the translation). We will update the web site.


Collaboration with WMNL

Derek and Geert visit Frans and Sandra in Utrecht on 24 February 2016 to review/define our mutual collaboration.

Collaboration with OKFN

  • Do we need to become member of OKFN in order to collaborate?

Additional expenses might be incurred, but there are also advantages for project execution.

⇒ We have to carefully review their conditions. Membership into the board of WMBE into OKFN is not really felt as an "absolute requirement" for collaboration. We should pay attention to non-aligned responsibilities. We need to take care first of our own (starting) organisation.


  • Maarten candidate for "Affiliate Selected Board member"

⇒ We will study his proposal, possibly give further feedback, and sustain him for his application.

  • Steward elections: Process, who, function description

⇒ Robin explained that this is a rather technical function; the persons that already are steward, must be again approved (every year?).