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On this page you will find background information the Wikiducation project by Wikimedia Belgium, if you wish to be kept informed by e-mail about news and press releases, send us an e-mail at with the request.

Attention ! The Wikiducation.BE project will be run the first year a Sideproject to Wiki Loves Art 2016.

Wikimedia Education Project
Wikimedia Education Project

Target audience


Wikiducation.BE is aimed at

  • professional educators : schools, universities, teachers, lecturers, students, and adult education organizations
  • individuals and small informal groups of  : existing or potential wiki-contributors, illustrators, photographers and associations that have an interest in getting to know / getting to grips with the wiki projects .
  • Volunteer Personal Development Initiative(VPDI) for off-wiki volunteers

see also Wikiducation Belgium/Approach



Wikiducation.BE objectives are :

  • raise awareness
    • about the Wikipedia and the Wikiprojects in general
    • about correct use, usefullness and pitfalls of wikipedia in education
    • in the educational sector about the Wikipedia professional education platform has to offer
  • provide and support the use of Wikipedia professional education platform for educators to work with, using Wikipedia as an educational tool and educational environment
  • dissipate anti-wikipedia bias in education sector
  • provide support for educators to use Wikipedia as an educational environment
  • provide support for students to use Wikipedia correctly as a learning tool
  • recruit new wiki(pedia)contributors : editors to write articles, illustrators to illustrate articles, translators correctors
  • recruit photographers to make pictures for the contest
  • set up a mentorship program by existing wikipedians for the newbees before they get bashed in the "wicked world of wikipedia"

Project plan and activities


Education projects on wikipedias


Project Volunteers


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