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The Volunteer Personal Development Initiative or VPDI for short, is a program to train off-wiki and on-wiki volunteers.

Apart from some willingness to devote your time to Wiki-related projects, some self-motivation, and a desire to help other users there are no pre-requisites for anybody to become a Volunteer.

Wikimedia Belgium currently is in a phase to prepare trainingprograms and trainingmaterial based on experienced volunteers.

Each training will consist of

  • a presentation
    • to acquire a particular skill (set),
    • the intake of information about Wiki projects / wiki culture / wiki code of conduct or wiki techniques
    • and how that skillset fits in to the Wiki environment
  • one or more practical workshops in which you practise / execute the skills on-line on the wiki environment
  • one or more session in which you help others acquiring that skill set

Examples to be developped

presentation techniques A
    • target how to tell the right story based on a presentation that contains keywords or images
    • subject presentation : basic introduction to wikipedia (used during edit-a-thons)
    • participate in an edit-a-thon as an editor
    • practical : present for class
    • session present during an edit-a-thon under supervision of a trainer
Other workshop titles to be developped
  • organising a workshop / edit-athon
  • Sourcefinding, referencing / verifiability ...
  • article writing
  • illustrating...
  • Wikimedia in residence
  • Running glam projects
  • Running a small non -profit organisation
    • event organising
    • legal aspects of vzw/asbl in Belgium , responsibility of directors
    • administratation of a small non-profit organisation
    • financials of a small non-profit organisation
    • collaboration with the WMF and neighbouring chapters
    • grantmaking
  • Training techniques

On this page you will find background information the Wikiducation project by Wikimedia Belgium, if you wish to be kept informed by e-mail about news and press releases, send us an e-mail at with the request.