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Wiki Club Brussels

This page is about the Wiki Club Brussels, organised every two weeks on Tuesday evening since October 2018 in Brussels BeCentral.



Start video conferencing

Due to the Corona-virus, we schedule this meeting via video-conference - More info - Photos. We start at 18:30, the session ends at 20:30.



Over the years we have learned that people who (newly) edit Wikipedia often like to meet other editors so that they can help each other. Editing Wikipedia together often leads to better results and more fun. Also this gives the opportunity to ask questions to more experienced editors. For that reason we started to organise biweekly Wikipedia writing sessions. At these meetups participants can work on articles in Wikipedia, ask questions and learn how others are editing Wikipedia.

The subject participants often focus on are women in the tech industry, but participants are not required to write about this topic.

History and background


The idea started at the Women in Tech edit-a-thon in October 2018 that focussed on writing about well known women working in the tech industry, but who had no article on Wikipedia yet. This is part of the GenderGap and is the focus of many edit-a-thons and activities worldwide to make the gap smaller. "Wikipedia is the 5th most visited website in the world. But did you know that only 17% of wikipedia’s bios were about women? Part of the reason is simple: more than 80% of Wikipedia contributors Take an example: the computer programmers category lists 180 profiles, of whom fewer than 10 are women. But history hasn’t been documented well: a lot of women have contributed to shaping the internet as we know it today." Eventbrite page Why it is important to close the GenderGap? Read this article: Why we need to close Wikipedia's gender page gap archived version

To organise an edit-a-thon only once or a few times is not enough to solve the bias, as well as that to become a more confident Wikipedia editor, it takes some time. By organising periodically meetings for a stable group of people editing Wikipedia, we make it easier to edit Wikipedia and get more knowledge available.

The biweekly meetups are organised at the same time as Civic Lab Brussels.

In January 2019 also the Hack The Gender Gap edit-a-thon was organised.

We also work with Women in Red.









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Next meeting will be in two weeks from the last date.



The metrics and statistics of this project are:

  • Number of people present with an activity: ...
  • Number of newly registered users: ...
  • Number of content pages created/improved: ...
  • Number of edit-a-thons and workshops:
    • 2018: 5
    • 2019: 19

Announcements and notices

  • 9 November 2018 - Report published in the Wikimedia GLAM newsletter This Month in GLAM about Wiki Club Brussels   (info | report)

29 January 2019