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A proper mass mailing procedure is necessary to make sure the message is clear and reaches its target audience, and to avoid errors, complaints, or GDPR issues.


  • Prepare the content of the message (please take multiple days, invite others to write and verify, use Google Doc to prepare)
  • Determine the target audience
  • Choose the format
  • Choose a proper structure
  • Choose a good timing (not just before, during, or after holidays; not at busy moments)

Quality check[edit]

  • Complete
  • Correct, no errors, no confusion, trust (content, language, typing)
  • Consistent layout (identity and style)
  • Did you separate correctly by language? (user like to be addresses in their mother tongue)
  • Do you need to filter the nl-top domain for specific Flemish subjects (e.g. tax exemption)?
  • Same for fr and Belgian subjects
  • Possibly other filters (make sure you reach the correct target audience, and do not cause "collateral damage")


Preferably from:


Proper identification of Wikimedia Belgium NPO. There are strict legal requirements. Use a logo.


  • Proper signature
  • Include a message like: (translated by language)

The Wikimedia logos are the property of the Wikimedia Foundation. You are receiving this message because you have indicated that you would like to be kept informed of our activities. Please respond if you do not wish to receive further messages.

Technical pitfalls[edit]

  • With Google Suite you can only send an e-mail to a maximum of 500 recipients
  • Split your distribution list if needed
  • Pay attention to accents (use UTF-8 encoding)
  • Be careful to have a proper HTML encoding and layout

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