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Logo Wikimedia Belgium
Logo Wikimedia Belgium

This page lists our guidelines for Corporate Identity and communication.

They should comply with:

Name of the organisation[edit]

We name our organisation systematically as follows, as described in our Statutes (en):

  • (fr) Wikimédia Belgique
  • (nl) Wikimedia België
  • (de) Wikimedia Belgien
  • (en) Wikimedia Belgium

Since we are a tri-lingial country, we will use the right name in each of the languages, i.e. we will avoid to use the name Wikimedia Belgium in a national-language document.

  • On all official documents we need to mention the suffix asbl/vzw/VoG/NPO and our Enterprise number BE 0563.775.480

Avoid using the acronym WMBE on its own, because it is difficult to understand for outsiders.


In principle we want to offer all pages/communication translated into 4 languages. In a first phase it is possible that one page is only available in 1 single language. Please bear with us; translation is a time consuming activity (and your help and expertise might be required)!


Language specific logos have been designed:

Use one logo, depending on the language of the document. In an international context, use the English version.

You can also use the templates {{logoleft}} {{wmbelogo}} {{logoright}} to automate the language selection.

Web site[edit]

The only web site we communicate outside is

We implement our identity consistently also on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms.


Mention the proper licenses when using media files.


Our e-mail domain is The official contact address is which is also used as official sender address for announcements.