2015-01-24 Board Meeting

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Agenda for the Board Meeting on 24 January 2015


This board meeting was open to our effective members. It was held after the 2015-01-24 General Assembly.

Budget rules

See 2015-01-24 General Assembly

Organisation of Micro Project Financing

M0tty explained the mechanism of the Micro grant.

Overview of planned activities 2015

Project Days

On 4 February 2014 we will organise the firt Project Days meeting for institutions and personal projects. It will be repeated every 6 months.


Wikimedia members are encouraged to book two hour of presence at the Wikimedia stand.

Wiki Loves Art

Spinster and Romaine had a session in Antwerp with a number of musea. They felt that Belgian musea are a bit hesitating as to allow uploading of free content. It was proposed to work closely together with Packed, Eurpeania, and Creative Commons Belgium. Instead of we going to the musea, it would be better if the musea would request our involvement. One participating museum could trigger other musea' involvement.

  • Musea could set a maximum picture resolution
  • Limiting the number of participating musea (effort, coordination, communication)
  • Could require a lot of work
  • We do not have a paid employee yet...
  • Agree on the GFDL or CC BY-SA license
  • Musea could want some service in return: article, publication on paper, etc.
  • It is (technically) difficult to take good pictures (light, reflection, other objects, etc.)
  • Musea could have free advertising via Wikipedia articles (Google Search!)

We have still to discuss a lot about licenses, organisation, community, responsibilities, foundation involvement.

EU Commission

Romaine had an editing session at the European Commission.


Ste.caneva proposed some possibility here (Joris Spechel?)

Cycling Press License

Afernand74 proposed a press license to report on cycling activities.


Discussion on intern and external communication

See also Usage of Wikimedia web sites


Activity discussion pages on the website.

Use of mailing list
Use and organization of different communication channels



An open discussion will enhance the transparency.