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We cannot work with only one site. For the different target users we do need specific web sites, with different security, content and structure rules.


We propose the following principles:

  • Choose the site where a maximum of participants are
  • Need-to-know principle (confidentiality)
  • Every site has its own purpose, technology, and (in)conveniences
  • Some sites are multilingual (Wikimedia Belgium), others are language specific (Wikipedia); international sites are only English


Usage for websites for Wikimedia Belgium
Geography Website Usage description
Wikimedia organisation related
National Fully multilingual Public website for Wikimedia Belgium (official announcements, activities announcements, mission, contacts, statutory, reports, general assembly, official PDF documents). Not a Wikimedia website; "normal" web site technology (Drupal).

Members website, where people can join up the organisation, and pay the annual fee if required. (This is the current website)

Collaboration site, ideas, etc. Public access, allows interaction with all members, and interested parties, but not for official announcements.

As a rule of thumb, only temporary (work on progress) information on the Wiki. If the content of a page will not change anymore, the content should be transferred to another platform.

We should also add a status: DRAFT, PROPOSED, FINAL, APPROVED, EXPIRED

Could be Namespace "Board" in above website with restricted access? Protected and restricted access only for Board members.

Board meetings (internal material), and other private organisation material

International All international projects + chapter relationships

Crucial is the easy exchange of info amongst all chapters, and with the Foundation in a standard way, and easily traceable

Project Funding request (personal, workgroup, chapter projects)

Wikipedia project related
Regional Wikipedia for Belgium with links to all covered languages Wikipedia content per language NL/FR/DE/EN Wikipedia namespace for language specific Wikipedia projects (announcements, edit-a-thons, GLAM, projects)
Media files Central repository for multimedia files (JPEG, PDF, audio, video) of general interest for all Wikimedia applications

Training, instruction videos, webinars

General Wikimedia Communication
Communication General e-mail list IRC chat channel
General Social platforms
Social platforms YouTube

How to edit Wikipedia, demo's, instruction, project videos, etc. for general interest and availability Twitter

Wikimedia Belgium that wants to announce. JPEG and video from YouTube can be combined... LinkedIn

Users that want to interact with each other; Wikimedia Belgium that wants to announce Facebook

It exists, but is not used (yet)

Colaboration and content sharing tools
Private, Project, Workgroup, Partners Google Apps for non-profit

Integrated environment Google Drive

Easily sharing documents amongst the Board