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The Wikimedia strategy is the worldwide strategy process to build a common strategy for the Wikimedia movement.

All levels of the organisation are involved: the Foundation, the Chapters, the regional User groups, the movement, the individual volunteers, and partner organisations.

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Knowledge belongs to all of us... (subtitles)
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By 2030, Wikimedia will become the essential infrastructure of the ecosystem of free knowledge, and anyone who shares our vision will be able to join us.

We, the Wikimedia contributors, communities, and organisations, will advance our world by collecting knowledge that fully represents human diversity, and by building the services and structures that enable others to do the same.

We will carry on our mission of developing content as we have done in the past, and we will go further.

Knowledge as a service: To serve our users, we will become a platform that serves open knowledge to the world across interfaces and communities. We will build tools for allies and partners to organize and exchange free knowledge beyond Wikimedia. Our infrastructure will enable us and others to collect and use different forms of free, trusted knowledge.

Knowledge equity: As a social movement, we will focus our efforts on the knowledge and communities that have been left out by structures of power and privilege. We will welcome people from every background to build strong and diverse communities. We will break down the social, political, and technical barriers preventing people from accessing and contributing to free knowledge.

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Affiliate liaisons


One representative for each Affiliate is appointed to bridge the communication amongst the national/local organisations, the Community, and the Wikimedia Foundation.

Geertivp is the WMBE liaison.


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Knowledge belongs to all of us (subtitles)

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