2016 Strategy

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The Wikimedia Foundation has established a proposal for the Strategy for 2016. The community has been requested to give feedback.


How to increase the usage of our project contents.


  • Facilitate the access to Wikipedia and other projects


How to build strong communities and volunteers.


  • Stronger collaboration over language communities amongst countries: nl/fr/de/en
  • Training for editors
    • Training for students
    • Training for retired people
  • Training for moderators
  • Training for common people "use and search"
  • Cultural and gender aspects
  • Developers - could contribute to MediaWiki, Wikidata


How to assemble and structure knowledge.


  • Facilitate the inflow of knowledge (wikidata?)
  • Facilitate the search and editing of references (reuse library techniques?)
  • Archiving (Wikisource, GLAM)

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