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The Simple APG grant (sAPG) is a simple yearly Chapter grant that is evaluated and granted by the WMF Grants team.

The Affiliate is responsible for the grant request, execution, and reporting (both content and financials).

How it works[edit]

Small chapters register an sAPG grant; large chapters have a more complicated and larger APG grant.


The grant is necessary to fund the Affiliate programs, projects, activities, and administrative and service costs.


The sAPG process is a shared responsibility amongst the Chapter and the WMF Grants team.

It requires quite a lot of effort, both from the Foundation and the Chapter. It is spread amongst 3 consecutive calendar years (at least 4+12+1 months).

It goes in parallel with the statutory reporting.


Yearly sAPG timing
Team Action Deadline
Chapter Create plan September Y-1
Propose plan 1 October Y-1
WMF Evalulate plan November Y-1
Accept plan December Y-1
Grant payment January Y
Chapter Execute Year
Midpoint report 15 July Y
Final report 30 January Y+1
Settlement February Y+1
Compliance reporting April Y+1
WMF Close February Y+1


Always send your requests and feedback to Simple APG Suport Team for the requests, and Grants Admin for the financials.

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