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The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) and the Chapters have a shared and complementary matrix of rights, obligations, and mutual responsibilities.

General principles[edit]

Freedom ends where
the right of the other

Freedom is bound by rights, obligations, and responsibilities.

WMF and the Chapters are legally independent, though they are bound by a contract and are serving congruent objectives within and amongst their organisation(s):

  • The Foundation is legally bound by the Californian and USA legislation.
  • The Chapter is legally bound by the Brussels, Flemish, Belgian Federal, and European legislation.
  • The Chapter agreement is bound by the Californian legislation.

The Foundation and the Chapters have a mutual responsibility towards the movement and the volunteers.

Matrix overview[edit]

The below is an attempt to document this Roles and Responsibilities matrix, in order for (board) members, and others, to understand how the Wikimedia organisation as a whole (needs to) behave(s), also with respect to the Wikimedia movement, and its volunteers.

WMF and Chapter Roles and Responsibilities
Wikimedia Foundation Chapter
Rights Obligations
  • (legal) Independence
  • Owner of the logo's and the (server) infrastructure
  • Verify if logo's and infrastructure are used according to the rules
  • Agree with and apply WMF policies
Obligations Rights
  • Accept the legal and operational independence of the Chapter
  • Accept and adhere to the cultural diversity
  • (legal) Independence
  • The right to use the Wikimedia logo's
  • the right to use the (server) infrastructure
  • Having cultural diversity
Responsibilities Responsibilities


  • Validate and align the strategy
  • Global Funding
    • International funding
    • Manage global budgets
    • Review and approve national grants
    • Review financial Chapter reporting
  • Setup and manage global projects
  • Manage the worldwide organisation
  • Give legal (international) coverage


  • Build and approve the strategy
  • Chapter funding
    • Local funding
    • Setup, manage, and monitor yearly budgets
    • Request and manage grants
    • Projects setup, planning, and review
    • Conduct financial and operational transactions
    • Perform Financial reporting
  • Comply with the national Legal administration
    • Member administration
    • Declare and pay taxes
    • Declare yearly balance and income/expenses
    • Organise General assembly
    • Board changes and administration
    • Perform and vote upon any required Statute changes

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