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From 1 December 2019, Wikimedia Belgium can receive Donation with tax certificates from Belgian, Danish, Dutch, French, and Luxembourg citizens, corporations and government institutions through the Friends of Wikimedia Belgium Fund, managed by a group of philanthropists and the King Baudouin Foundation.

Donation with tax certificate via The King Baudouin Foundation

The Friends of Wikimedia Belgium Fund is recognised by the King Baudouin Foundation. Your donations will be used to finance Wikimedia Belgium's Fund-approved projects.

In principle, donations of 40 € per year to the Foundation give you a tax reduction of 45% on the amount actually paid (art. 145/33 CIR).

Read more: Donation with tax certificate

Projecten in 2022[edit]

  1. KOERS. Museum van de Wielersport
  2. Amazone vzw - Wikipedia als instrument voor gender mainstreaming

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