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This project page describes the actions around the monuments of Brussels.


To have all monuments of Brussels added to Wikidata with their monument identifier.

History and background[edit]

Since 2010 the photo contest Wiki Loves Monuments is organised, since 2011 also in Belgium. Participants search for the specific monument they have photographed in the lists of monuments. The data of these lists is also available in the monuments database. Based on this monuments database various tools/bots are running. With the Wiki Loves Monuments team meeting in February 2017 it was decided to move the contents of the monuments database step by step to Wikidata.

In 2018 followed the import of the monuments of the German-speaking Community in Wikidata.




  • Grant: generic 2017 budget


  • July 2011 - Import data to monument lists on Wikipedia
  • 7 September 2017 - Start import request to Wikidata   (request)
  • October 2017 - Import (monolingual) data of monuments in Brussels to Wikidata with bot Alicia Fagerving
  • November 2017 - Import adding additional data of monuments in Brussels to Wikidata by Romaine


The metrics and statistics of this project are:

  • Number of content pages created/improved in October 2017: ~1142 items in Wikidata
    • Of which 1133 with bot Alicia Fagerving, of which 819 items created with bot Alicia Fagerving
    • Additional data and fixes by Romaine

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