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The castle building of the Middelheim Museum

This page describes the project together with the Middelheim Museum.


The goal is to get the collection of the Middelheim Museum in Wikidata, images of the artworks to Wikimedia Commons and articles written in Wikipedia, in line with the policy of the Flemish Government to publish collections under an open license as open data (described: Visienota ‘een Vlaams cultuurbeleid in het digitale tijdperk’   (archived)).

History and background[edit]

The Middelheim Museum is part of the Musea en Erfgoed Antwerpen, a network of museums of the city of Antwerp.

Since 2014 Wikimedia Belgium has been in contact with the Musea en Erfgoed Antwerpen about collaboration.





  • October 2016 - Import part of collection to Wikidata   (Spinster)
  • 16 November 2018 - Meeting with Middelheim Museum in Antwerp about content donation and activities   (Romaine)


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