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This page describes the project Iedereen wiki (English: Everybody wiki).


The project has as aim to digitally unlock local knowledge by making digital data accessible for everyone and to stimulate skills. During the project local heritage organisations and other interested people get an introduction and help in editing Wikipedia, as well as students edit Wikipedia and upload photos about a local topic.

The project is a pilot project and knows two phases: phase one in Spring 2018 and phase two in Autumn 2018.

History and background[edit]

On 20 July 2017, during the photo contest Wiki Loves Public Space, in the public library of Ternat a lecture was given about Wikipedia, Wikimedia and how to shoot qualitative photos. This tasted for more and Iedereen WIKI is the next project.




  • Bin Ternat: grant province Vlaams-Brabant
  • WMBE: Generic budget: GLAM program & education program





Rita Saerens en Paul Hermans

The metrics and statistics of this project are:

  • Number of people present with an activity:
    • 21 April 2018: 12 participants
    • 22 April 2018: 6 participants + 3 mentors
    • 26 April 2018: 24 students, spread over 4 groups + teacher + 2 mentors
    • 5 November 2018: 8 participants + 1 mentor
  • Number of newly registered users:
    • 22 April 2018: ...
    • 26 April 2018: worked all together on 1 article + uploaded 29 files
    • 5 November 2018: 8
  • Number of edit-a-thons and workshops: 3
  • Number of other activities: 1

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